Start Reading The Tarot Your Way

If learning all 78 cards by yourself feels overwhelming….

If you want to learn to connect with the Tarot in a
personal creative and intuitive way……..

Lets learn to read the Tarot together

Do you wonder why everyone else seems to be able to read the Tarot with ease but you can’t get past the 0 Fool card.

Do you want to be able to effortlessly read the Tarot in a way that is creative and unique to you?

Do you struggle with trying to remember the card meanings and you can’t stop referring to the ‘little white book’

Do you need a mentor to support and guide you so you can discover what you need to read the Tarot with ease.

How I can help

I empower women to build their confidence and listen to their intuition through Tarot reading and psychic development.

Psychic Intuitive Tarot

This new course will teach you how to intuitively read Tarot and connect with your psychic abilities.

Using my reading methods you will be able to effortlessly
connect with any deck (Tarot or oracle) with ease.

Don’t get caught up with the little white book, trying to remember the meanings of all the cards or which card goes in what position in a layout. You are psychic and I am going to strengthen your psychic muscle. In this 8 week course you will switch on your abilities and build your confidence to read

Learn the 8 Clairs and connect with your own individual abilities AND bring the deck to the class (tarot or oracle) that you LOVE

Psychic Divas Academy

The academy is a membership platform where you are supported every step of the way as you learn the tarot and develop your psychic intuitive abilities.

Topics covered include introduction to the Tarot, Tarot School, Daily Tarot journal, Star School (Astrology), Crystal School. Tarot Colouring Parties

You will have access to
~ Membership content
~ Three monthly webinar/workshops
~ Twice Monthly Facebook Livestreams
~ Access to Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones your spiritual mentor who will answer questions about your psychic intuitive growth and Tarot reading.
~ An exclusive Facebook community of supportive women.

Book A Reading

Sometimes you just need clarity to help you clear the blockages that are holding you back. Elizabeth specialises in Relationship Tarot Readings. She also offers Astrological Charts. All of Elizabeth’s Charts come with a reading so you can ask your burning questions after your receive your chart.


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