“Have trust and faith that your soul will find the solution.”


You do trust yourself? Don’t you? Or do you? What thoughts do you have when you think about trusting yourself? Do you think about all the times when you didn’t listen to yourself or didn’t have the confidence to trust your inner voice? Do you think about the times when you did what you needed to fit in with the in-crowd rather than be yourself?


To have that trust and faith that the solution to everything is deep inside you, you need to clear away all the noise in your head that stops you from realising who you really are. Once you get past all of those expectations, beliefs and values that may or may not represent who you really want to be you start to be able to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you can look inside to hear and see what you need for your life.


Knowing yourself enables you to create a clear pathway. This means being absolutely honest with yourself, and digging deep to see everything both the things you like and the things you don’t like about yourself.


Why is honesty important?


If you can’t trust yourself, to be honest with you who can you trust? How can you interpret anything anyone says to you if you can’t trust yourself to hear what they say. Most importantly how can you trust your soul when the solution becomes obvious to you?


When you are dishonest with yourself about what is really going on, about whether you are truly in your integrity. How are you going to be able to find your soul message amongst all the other messages going on inside? How will you allow your soul to guide you to the right solution? Ultimately anything you try to plan for yourself will be flawed with misperceptions about yourself, others and your world. Depending upon how entrenched you are you may find yourself headed in completely the wrong direction and reconfirming your lack of trust in yourself and ability to listen to your own soul guidance.


How do you know if you are able to trust your soul to find the solution?


Think about how often you mistrust yourself. When do you hesitate? When do you second guess yourself – these are the moments you need to think about, and assess. What happened, what was said, and most importantly what did you say to yourself?When were those moments you listened to yourself? What happened? Have you ever been able to listen to yourself? Or is the concept of trusting yourself completely foreign to you.


If you find yourself hesitating, this is a sign that you aren’t listening to yourself. It is a real sign of lack of confidence and a signal that you need to slow down and think about your relationship with yourself. If you can overcome your hesitation, you can give yourself the opportunity to listen to yourself, make your own decisions and have the success experiences you need build your confidence to look inside and hear the messages from your soul to guide you.


Don’t be worried that you will make the wrong decision. As long as you are honest with yourself, and make decisions in your best integrity, you can always go back and revisit your decisions and change the outcome. The most important thing you can do is be true to yourself, not what someone else wants you to be.


Think about the decisions you have made that have been successful and draw on these to understand what happened differently. It is these experiences you need to draw on to make a change long term to create happiness, listen to your soul and live a better life in your integrity.


What if the life you are living is not true to you and your deepest soul and integrity? What if the dreams goals and values you are living by are those of someone you want to copy because they are successful, or are part of what others such as family expect of you. You can slow yourself down and reflect about what you really want. Slow yourself down and listen to your soul and trust that you and not others know what is right for you.   Replace old thinking patterns with new ones. What would be more useful for you? Most importantly what does your soul tell you will allow you to live in your integrity.


The key is taking your time to do the deeper thinking and being honest with yourself, trusting that what is right for you is right. It might take a few tries to speak your truth not just to others but to yourself, but the effort is worth it. When you tune into yourself and trust yourself you build your confidence to know what is right for you.


I empower women to make educated relationship choices, rather than change for their partner.

Choose, Don’t Change

With Love
Elizabeth R-J


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