“Everyone woman has a goddess inside just waiting for them – what would it take to find yours?”


You have all the wisdom you need deep inside you. All you have to do is believe in yourself, so you can hear the messages meant for you and those to be shared with others. That wisdom inside you is your goddess your intuition, your knowing, your power, your creativity, and your individuality. If you can tune into your inner goddess, your life can be transformed into a space of limitless possibilities. It is our life expectation, based on family, social pressures and other influences that limit our thinking and cause us to focus on what ‘should be’ rather than what ‘can be’.


Tuning into your inner goddess is an empowering enabling process that enables you to transform yourself little by little to be not only the person you want to be but to create the life you want to have.


There are steps you can take to reignite your inner goddess – practice these steps every day to reconnect with yourself.


  • Take charge of your environment.

Work on yourself from the outside in. Changing your physical space is the easiest place to start. Turn your bedroom into a goddess sanctuary. Clear out clutter, choose to have objects around you that evoke happy memories or trigger calming emotion. Colour is also important to think about the colours around you that excite your senses and incorporate these into the space. Crystals can create beautiful energy as can affirmations, oracle cards, affirmations and flowers and plants. Work outwards from your bedroom to any part of your home you can influence to create a really special space reflective of who you are.


  • Be Mindful

Our world is so busy, and we can have so much going on at once we miss the little things and life races past. If you want to notice the messages your goddess is sending you – you need to take some time to be mindful. Notice the small things around you take in sight, smell, taste and sound. Appreciate your life, take some time out to be grateful it can make a tremendous difference to your engagement both with yourself and with others.


  • Reconnect with you

As much as you would like to be there for everyone all of the time. It is important to be there for yourself to recharge. This enables you to build your stamina so you can be present and give quality time to others – and yourself. A goddess stands tall in her feminine energy, it in her integrity and is true to herself. How can you take time out for meditation, water therapy, sound therapy or earthing? Schedule this time in for yourself like you would anything else to make sure you prioritise, and so it will happen.


  • Love Yourself

You are an individual just as everyone of the goddesses expressed their individuality so you should express yours. Remember there is nobody else on this earth quite like you and you have your own individual gifts to share. Recognise your talents and celebrate them – nurture yourself so you can be present in all your energy to express both your inner and outer beauty.


  • Connect with Nature

Mother earth is a place of grounding and reconnecting. You can connect with nature by earthing. This means walking barefoot on the grass or lying on the ground and talking time to drink in our wonderful natural world. This connection with nature is wonderful for managing depression or anxiety. Your goddess inside links to nature and she wants to connect and ground with the earth.


  • Listen to your dreams


We all have goals and dreams – this is your inner goddesses way of communicating what she wants for you. As you reconnect with yourself, listen to your innermost desires and think about how you can work towards making them a reality. Manifesting your dreams is a way of reconnecting with yourself and tuning into your goddess divine personal power.


  • Be open

Recognise that others see what we do not see in ourselves. Next time someone notices you or offers you a compliment, rather than brushing it off, embrace it, be open to it and engage with what the person is really saying about you. Use this Receptivity to get feedback about who you are and who you want to be in the world and tap into your feminine energy.


  • Feel you emotions

Tune into your emotion. It can be so easy to get lost in our anger, as anger stops us from feeling the deeper emotions that are too painful to feel. However, when we don’t feel our emotion we are not being true to ourselves or tuning into the deeper messages we need to connect with to live in our integrity and connect with our goddess inside.


  • Create your boundaries


Your boundaries are your boundaries, and they belong to you. Just because what you want for your life is different to what others want doesn’t make your boundaries wrong they are just different. Stand first in the feminine power of the goddess and make decisions that are right for you. Know that you can’t be all things to all people, a goddess isn’t a superwoman she is a woman connected to her feminine energy and her inner self and knowing. Know that your boundaries are yours and they should never change except in response to overwhelming evidence or if not changing your boundaries would cause you or someone else harm.


  • Be spiritual

Spiritual ritual in your life can be expressed in many ways. Goddesses invite blessings and positivity into their life by respecting and recognising their spirituality. Whatever your belief system recognise and respect the presence of divine power by incorporating spiritual practice into your life on a daily basis. Bring that divine power into your life to assist you in tuning into yourself, life and those around you.


It can be so easy to disconnect into the present and forget that our inner goddess is there to guide us and help us tap into our feminine strength. If you can take the time to reconnect with yourself, you can realise your inner power and all of your fabulous potential as the wonderful woman you are.


I empower women to make educated relationship choices, rather than change for their partner.

Choose, Don’t Change

With Love
Elizabeth R-J


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