Slow Down and Notice

“When you slow yourself down and give yourself time to truly notice what is going on around you – then you give yourself the best chance to make the right decision.” ELIZABETH ROEBUCK-JONES Making decisions is really hard, whether it is choosing what... read more

Ask Elizabeth: Overcoming Relationship Grief

I’ve been on the slow path to recovery for a few months now. I have been working on rebuilding my life after having given my relationship everything and only to have my life disintegrate when my husband decided he’d go ahead and dump me for reasons that I... read more

What Money Tells You About Your Relationship

Money is one of the most important factors within a relationship and it is actually an indicator of the trust within a relationship.  One of the biggest complaints I hear from female members of partnerships is “We don’t even have a joint account.”  The issue is not so... read more

On The Couch: We Argue and I keep Going Back to Him

Join me Monday 5th of June 7:30pm for an Author reading and Discussion of: STOP KISSING TOADS – Pucker up and find your handsome prince  TOPIC: We Argue and I keep Going Back to Him. “Does your relationship look like this?  – you have an argument, a... read more

The Goddess Inside

“Everyone woman has a goddess inside just waiting for them – what would it take to find yours?” ELIZABETH ROEBUCK-JONES You have all the wisdom you need deep inside you. All you have to do is believe in yourself, so you can hear the messages meant for you... read more

Ask Elizabeth: Finding who I am

Hi, I have only been in one relationship in my life, and it was my first boyfriend which was when I was 17 years old. It was a short-lived relationship and I fell pregnant only about 6 months into the relationship. This was unplanned, but we weren’t very careful... read more

What Is The Parenting Style In Your Relationship

When you first meet your partner, whether you are friends first or your eyes meet across a crowded room, the first thing on your mind is romance, and I bet the last thing on your mind is children.  In fact, if you started talking about children and parenting on your... read more

Ask Elizabeth: How to find a Counsellor

Hi, Elizabeth. How do I find a counsellor? I don’t have a GP as my doctor moved overseas. I find it difficult to open up to someone new Thank you for your question Finding a new therapist is like trying on shoes. You walk into a shoe store, and you see a pair of... read more

Social Media and Your Relationship

I remember when I first met my husband waiting by the landline for him to call me when he said he would.  The phone rang, and I deliberately let it ring three times so he wouldn’t think I had been sitting beside it waiting for him to call.  How the world has changed,... read more

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Hello! I'm Elizabeth. I'm a Psychologist and Author working exclusively with women focusing on relationships, personal development, health and wellness with a holistic focus.
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