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STOP KISSING TOADS – Pucker up and find your handsome prince

 TOPIC: We Argue and I keep Going Back to Him.

“Does your relationship look like this?  – you have an argument, a really nasty, verbally or even physically abusive argument about nothing and everything.  Often this argument ends in a breakup.  Then silence.  Each of you goes away to patch yourselves up, both questioning the relationship and maybe vowing never to return.  Then somehow you weaken, have second thoughts.  You can’t live with him and you can’t live without him.  you know what is going to happen next, and you can’t face living without that connection.  So you call him, or maybe he calls you.  There is an apology; maybe you say sorry first maybe you don’t.  There is a wonderful banter between you as you reconnect.  You both promise it will never happen again.  And then there might be fabulous passionate lovemaking that somehow repairs the damage and somehow makes anything that happened before all right again.  For a time life goes on, but no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do differently, nothing changes.  So you argue again, and it feels as though you are swimming around in circles and getting nowhere.  Whats worse is thar you’ve seen this territory before – your last relationship was eerily similar, and maybe others before that.  At times you can’t believe how unlucky you’ve been with men”

An excerpt from

Stop Kissing Toads – Pucker up and find your handsome prince – Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones

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