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STOP KISSING TOADS – Pucker up and find your handsome prince

 TOPIC: Mr Unavailable.

“This toad thinks he is James Bond. He wants to be an international man of mystery and never be tied down. He subtly reminds you that there are other women ‘around’ who are interested in him so you never quite feel that you have his commitment.  This keeps you wondering about what he is doing next, what he is thinking and what he is feeling. The more he tells you about the other women around him, the more you try to please him so that he will choose you. Somehow, you never feel quite good enough in comparison to other women he notices, and this makes you try even harder.  When he is with you, he will give you his undivided attention and indulge you with fabulous sex so you can get a taste of how things could be.”

An excerpt from

Stop Kissing Toads – Pucker up and find your handsome prince – Elizabeth Roebuck-Jones

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