Learn to speak your truth with integrity, know your own values, have clear boundaries and create a solid foundation within yourself that radiates positive vibrant energy to others. Know what makes relationships real and what doesn’t.

How enriching would it be if you had a safe environment with other women, to share your journey to find who you really are, what you really want, and who you want to share your life with?

Learn and grow from each others wisdom and experience as we meet face to face and online in our Relationship and Dating Advice for Women Facebook Group

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Let’s connect and talk about our relationships

Frogs Toads and Princes……we’ve all met them and we’ve all kissed them!

Want to know and love yourself so you can avoid kissing toads and find your handsome prince?

This is a group for women who want to understand how to keep themselves emotionally safe and find the relationship of their dreams – with the partner who is right for them.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or have just ended a relationship, this group will help you learn the skills to identify the toads you want to avoid.

We get together a few times a month and share our life wisdom. Elizabeth shares the knowledge she has gained from working for both Relate in England and Relationships Australia as a Psychologist and Relationships Therapist. We also gain specialised knowledge from relationship and life coaches whilst encouraging, supporting and inspiring each other to grow in our relationship consciousness, and have a heap of fun doing it.


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