Discover the confidence you will feel when you know how to name your boundaries with ease and grace.

Know who you are and what you want and who you want to
spend your life with so you can focus on whats important.

Your No Line will teach you how to name your boundaries with your partner or any potential partner clearly and succinctly:


  • Gain clarity about what is and is not OK for you
  • Understand your boundary style and why you might give and give till it hurts.
  • Learn how to stop abandoning yourself for the sake of your partner and the relationship.
  • Learn how to manage bullying partners.
  • Discuss real life examples to help you understand the application of what you have learned.
  • Use the direction and examples in the course to get your boundaries language with your partner just right so you have more chance of being heard.
  • Speak your truth and be in your integrity.
  • Learn why you struggle with boundaries in relationships and what you need to work on.
  • Manage your emotions so you can calmly express yourself.


All in an exclusive women only members environment with no end date – LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP AND ACCESS TO ALL THE LEARNING MATERIALS

Do you find it difficult to protect yourself from Toxic Men?

  • Do you feel as though your partner doesn’t hear? That your opinions don’t matter?
  • Does every relationship leave you feeling you will be constantly hurt again?
  • Do you feel your partner tramples on your emotional, physical or personal boundaries?
  • Do you feel your partner doesn’t appreciate everything you do?
  • Are you afraid of confrontation or the consequence of saying no?


  • Are you so guarded about being hurt again that you have isolated yourself from any potential relationships?
  • Do you project a confident facade at work while at home your personal life is a mess?

If you can say yes to any of these options then this course is for you!

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I am so looking forward to working with you xx


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