Practical activities, videos, course notes, community support suitable for novice
and experienced Tarot readers.

More than just an online FREE Course


This 12 week self paced course will help you build your spiritual connection with YOUR Tarot or Oracle deck. 


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12 Week Self Paced Course

Week 1 – Create a spiritual altar.

Week 2 – Cleanser your deck.

Week 3 – Charge your deck.

Week 4 – Carry your deck.

Week 5 – Start a journal.

Week 6 – Interview your deck.

Week 7 – Find the cards you connect with.

Week 8 – Calculate your birth card

Week 9 – Find the intent of your deck

Week 10 – Sleep with a card

Week 11 – Connect every day

Week 12 – Reflective journal questions

A Global Course Community

This is more than just a FREE course this is a community of spiritual people who want to use the Tarot and Oracle for a deeper connection with the world. This is a place for people who want to have a conversation about the Tarot and what spiritually works for them.

Free Course Guide

This gorgeous printable Course Guide breaks down the course content so you can plan your time. The guide includes activities for each week and journal prompts. Whether you follow along in the online community or do the course solo this is your journal to enjoy.

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