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Currently it takes Elizabeth 7 to 14 days to answer questions. If you would like to have an appointment with Elizabeth sooner please head to her appointments page.

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    Elizabeth answers questions on Wednesday at 11am (Australian Eastern Standard Time Melbourne) Via Facebook Live in her Facebook Group Relationships and Dating Advice for Women

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  • BLOG – Advice Wednesday

    Your question and Elizabeth’s written answer will are published on Wednesdays on her website blog Elizabeth may reference your question in her ebooks, workshops and other materials. Your Facebook Live session may be downloaded from Facebook edited and uploaded onto Elizabeth’s blog for reference.

  • Social Media

    Elizabeth reserves the right to use your question on other forms of social media. Your identity will always be protected.

If you don’t feel comfortable submitting your question through the ask page, you can make an appointment to see Elizabeth Via Skype and have your question answered privately.

Special Note

Please remember the internet is a public space, every effort is made to conceal your identify when answering your question. The value of sharing is that as a community we can all learn together. Please go to my Facebook Group Relationships and Dating Advice for Women and my blog for examples of how questions are asked and answered. If a question submitted is deemed unsuitable Elizabeth reserves the right not to answer it.

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