Do you have a relationships question you would like to discuss privately with Elizabeth?

You can make an appointment with Elizabeth to chat via Skype.

Let Elizabeth give you clarity and guidance and ask your question in your own private session. Elizabeth is a psychologist and relationships therapist with 10+ years experience working with Relate in England and Relationships Australia.

What happens when you make an appointment with Elizabeth?

  • All the forms to set up the appointment are completed online.
  • You can submit your question to Elizabeth via the secure online platform.
  • Elizabeth will review your question before the session.
  • You can ask questions and talk to Elizabeth in your own private live Skype session as she gives you your answer.
  • Receive your own personal written answer to your question via email.
  • All information including your question will be kept in strictest confidence.
  • Join Elizabeth’s secret Facebook group where you will receive special offers on Elizabeth’s ebooks courses and events.
  • Become one of Elizabeth’s clients and book sessions to ask questions as you need them.

Cost $197 Australian Dollars

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